Monday, June 15, 2015

Day trip to Sopot

On Sunday, May 31st, we decided to take a day trip to Sopot.

Sopot is a resort town on the Baltic Sea between Gdansk and Gdynia.  It is part of what is called the tri-city area for that reason.

We took the train from Malbork to Sopot.  Just the regular train this time - no Pendolino.  There is some major renovation being done at the Sopot railway station, but once we navigated through that, it was smooth sailing.

Sopot is a very picturesque city with some interesting architecture, many shops, coffee shops and bars and restaurants.  It is also noted for the huge pier that juts out into the Baltic.  The pier can be seen from outer space and is visible on the satellite view of Google maps.

We just roamed around the large public square area for some time, browsing and window shopping.  We stopped once for a refreshment.

Alicja wanted to do some shopping and she hates to try to do that while I am waiting.  I am not a good person to “wait” for someone shopping. So, I found a bar to have a beer while she shopped.  A fair compromise.  Afterward, we stopped to eat.  We found, or, more correctly, were led to a small Georgian restaurant in a cul-de-sac kind of area off the main street.  In this case, Georgian as in the country, Georgia, not the U.S. state.  The name of it is Ocneba Georgian restaurant.  The family that owns and operates it is originally from Georgia.  The food was quite good.  I had some kind of lamb dish served in a clay pot.  Alicja had a chicken dish.  Sadly, I (again) did not think to take pictures.  Regardless, it was good.

After dinner, we made out way back to the train station and returned to Malbork.

And, finally, this is the view we get each time we return to Malbork.  Looking across the Nogat river to the Malbork Castle:

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