Friday, August 7, 2015

St. Dominic's Fair

On Sunday, August 2, we went to Gdansk to the St. Dominic’s Fair in Old Town.  There were many people and it was crowded.

We took the train from Malbork because it is inexpensive, convenient and eliminates the need to find parking in Gdansk.  Our train ride was a bit over 30 minutes.  That is compared to a one hour drive.  And, parking near Old Town in Gdansk can be very difficult.
Once there, we just walked around and looked at all the different stalls, booths and vendors.  It is amazing how many different items from different places are displayed.

There were, of course, some breweries displaying and selling their wares.  And, I, of course, partook of a few adult libations.

      This young lady was selling some miracle cleaner for eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer and tablet screens, etc.  She was so persuasive, I bought a bottle.  At first, she said it was 40 zlotych for a bottle and they would throw in another free.  When I started to walk away, she then said I could have just one for 20 zlotych.  So, I bought it.  It really does work well.  Plus, while she was in her selling spiel, I had her clean my glasses and my camera lens.

     We stopped at one stall where a lady was selling light weight dresses from Italy.   Alicja had fun shopping for and buying one.

The weather was wonderful and there were street performers everywhere.

Hard to see, but this guy has parrots.

Two young men who looked like brothers.  They played the xylophones very well.

    This young lady absolutely looked like a statue.  UNTIL you put money in her  box.  After I did that, she put gold dust on my nose.

   This guy did a good statue imitation, too.

     And, of course vendors of all types.

This place was selling items from Turkey.

     The weather was warm and pleasant.

   In the past few months, they have installed a huge ferris wheel.  We did not ride it because Alicja did not want to.  Also, for the fair, there was a bungee jump.

     We had lunch a restaurant called Elephant in Old Town.  The food was really good.  Alicja had a fish dish.  I had pork cutlets in mushroom sauce with potato pancakes.  The potato pancakes were probably the best I have had since I have been here in Poland.

     Our server was a young lady named Kasia.  She spoke English well.  But, she was kind enough to compliment my fractured Polish.  Needless to say, I liked her.

     At one point, we walked by a stall with people from Austria who were selling various cheeses from there country.  The cheeses were VERY aromatic, although, to me, they looked delicious.  A couple were walking behind us and the woman suddenly said, "OH, I smell a toilet."  It was in Polish, so Alicja laughed and then had to tell me.

   There are many additional activities at the fair.  There are exhibitions and concerts in the evenings.  But, we had to return to Malbork and could not stay for the evening festivities.  Regardless, I was happy that I had the opportunity to go to this event.  I think I would say it is much like our Oklahoma State fair or the Texas State fair.  Food, vendors, shows, etc.  And, it was very enjoyable.

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