Monday, September 5, 2016

I’ve been lazy.

Actually, I have been very lazy.  I have not blogged in a long, long time.  About nine months or so.  Not because I have nothing to say, but just because I have been too lazy to sit down and put my thoughts and experiences on paper.  Or, in digital form, as it were.
A lot has happened since I last posted.  I’m going to try to note some of it.
First of all, I had cataract surgery.  On both eyes.  Last year, when Shannon was here, I noticed that my vision was a bit blurred.  So, Alicja and I went to an ophthalmologist here in Malbork.  She tested my vision and gave me a new prescription.  She also told us I had the beginnings of cataracts.  BUT, that cataracts usually develop very slowly so it should be years before I have any real problems.  So, I got new glasses according to her prescription.
Then, I went back to the US last November.  While playing golf with my friend, Charlie, I realized I could not see the golf ball after hitting it.  So,  upon my return to Poland, Alicja made me an appointment with another ophthalmologist in Gdansk.  He tested my eyes and looked in them, etc.  He confirmed the cataracts and said that sometimes they develop very rapidly.  I had the kind that develop rapidly.  My vision was about 40% of normal.  Legally blind in other words.  He referred us to an ophthalmic surgeon in Gdynia.  Dr. Jan Staniewicz.  We made the appointment in January.
We saw Dr. Staniewicz.  He speaks English, thankfully.  He confirmed the cataracts and recommended surgery.  I asked when he could do it.  He looked at his calendar and said “next Tuesday.”  (This was the Thursday before).  I said okay.  Unfortunately , being a bonehead, I watched a YouTube video of cataract surgery before going for my procedure.  I do NOT recommend this.

Regardless, the next week, we went to Gdynia and I had the procedure.  This was late January.  We stayed at a hotel that night and I returned the next day for a follow-up exam and to have the bandage removed.  All good.
After that eye stabilized, I had the same procedure done on the other eye in March.  Again, it went well and the eye stabilized well.  Now, I can see at a distance without correction for the first time since I was a teenager.  It is pretty incredible to get up in the morning and not have to put on glasses to see.  Of course, I still need glasses to read because I am in that stage of life when I need reading glasses.  But, that is okay.
Since that time, we have been on trips to Gran Canaria and to Berlin for a few days..  More about that in subsequent posts.
I have promised myself I will do better about posting.  There are  number of stories to tell, experiences to share and observations to talk about.

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