Tuesday, November 1, 2016


 Today is November 1. In Poland, it is a national holiday. It is All Saints Day. Wszystkich Swietych.

It is also known as The Day of the Dead. It is observed in many Catholic countries. And, Poland is very Catholic. Something like 90 to 95% Catholic. It is quite a holiday. For months beforehand, stores stock thousands of candles. People buy these by the hundreds. They go to the cemeteries and clean the area. Then, they decorate the graves of relatives/friends with flowers and candles. On All Saints Day, they go to the cemetery and pray and recognize the deceased. There are religious ceremonies everywhere. Of course, the television is full of segments about the various religious ceremonies all over the country.

Now, although the celebration of Halloween has migrated here from the U.S., the Catholic church says it is sinful and satanic. And, that this is a time for for sad, quiet prayer and reflection about the dead. But, each year, Halloween is a bit more popular.

Regardless, stores and businesses are all closed. And, I had no students today. So, I wish all of you a very happy Day of the Dead.

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