Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Friday......

Today is Friday, December 5th.  This was a quiet day.  We did very little other than go to the post office to mail a couple of packages home.  The weather is still cloudy, gloomy and cold.  It is now 8:00 p.m.  It has been completely dark since 4:00.  We have a fire going in the fireplace and are just chillin’.

Yesterday, we went to Gdansk to register my paperwork to be a resident.  Fortunately,
Alicja had done her homework and it was all there.  It is similar to, but not as bad as, doing all the paperwork for her US green card.  Less expensive, too.  This only cost us the PLN equivalent of $100 US.  I should get the temporary card in a couple of months.  First, though, I must have an in-person interview with some government person.  Alicja says that is just pro forma and is nothing to worry about.

On our way to Gdansk, we saw large piles of sugar beets ready to be taken to the processing plant.  It is located in Malbork and makes an unpleasant smell.

The fog almost obscured this wind generator.

Monday I taught my first English class.  A group of six teenage students.  They are actually pretty articulate and motivated.  It was pretty enjoyable for me.  I hope it was for them, also.  Thursday night I taught a group of adults.  They can communicate, but are not as advanced as the teens.  We spent the time just doing conversation and pronunciation.  I think it went well.  Monday will be another class of adults plus one adult who wants individual tutoring.  That will be a full evening.

Several times, Alicja and I have found ourselves in downtown Malbork at lunchtime.  In the Galeria mall downtown is a small cafeteria style place to eat.  Each day they feature a special.  It always includes a soup, meat dish and vegetable.  It is virtually home-cooked and is always delicious.  Best of all is the price.  The cost for the two of us to have our meals, is about $10 US.  Total - not each.  And, that price includes my beer.  We ate there yesterday and were discussing the fact that it is hard to cook that meal at home for two for the price we pay there.

Our meal:

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