Sunday, December 14, 2014


Everyone in this part of the world is pissed off at Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

The news here has been full of the situation with Ukraine and the hardships being endured by the Ukrainian military and people near the Russian border.  But, additionally, there was a news report earlier this week about a Russian plane or planes coming into Polish airspace and being run off by the Polish air force.  The Poles have F-16s from the U.S. and have scrambled them to greet the Russians.

Then, yesterday, there was a news report from Sweden that their airspace had been violated twice by Russian military aircraft.  Both times, the Russian planes turned off their transponders and crept into Swedish airspace.  Each time, the Swedes had to divert a civilian airliner to avoid coming too close.  And, the Swedes scrambled aircraft to confront the Russians.  The Swedish government said it is as bad now as it was during the cold war.  I think they are quite displeased.

The Polish people, in general, do not trust the Russians.  Many of them would not be surprised if the Russians actually invaded Poland.  I guess that, by this point in history, an invasion by another country is just not something that would surprise the Polish people.

For my part, I hope nothing like that happens.  If it were to happen, I hope the US and NATO live up to their commitment of mutual defense.  I don’t speak Russian.  And, I don’t want to learn.

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